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About Cathy Shull

Cathy Shull is Discover Rural and a rural advocate. She believes that tourism can help rural areas build their economies with knowledge of all they have to offer.  There are a lot of cool day trip destinations in rural areas. Many of these smaller cities & towns have unique festivals and events that people from the front range can easily access and enjoy.

Cathy was raised in Northeastern Colorado just like her grandparents and parents – this is her home. This is a forgotten part of the state with so much to offer.  

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She bought into a franchise to help promote Northeastern Colorado and has made it her own. Cathy’s vision has expanded to include Wyoming and Nebraska and all of Colorado’s rural areas.

Residents can also benefit from this site because they don’t always know the unique things going on around them. Discover Rural is designed to Educate, Inform, and Excite!


Shopping in rural communities helps the local economy by supporting the unique mom & pop stores. Shoppers can find authentic, novel, and unique products that the “big box stores” do not have in a relaxing setting.

The Main Street stores that you remember from days gone by are often reinvented and need to be rediscovered as the gems that they are. There are always opportunities to experience the local culture and interact with local residents, too.

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By promoting events on our social media sites we also open up the opportunity for small local, rural business in our event towns to also promote themselves.  

Paid advertising, free listings and featured events are all possible.





Fort Morgan, Colorado

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