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Cathy Shull,
Owner / Rural Advocate

She believes that tourism can help rural areas build their economies with knowledge of all they have to offer.  There are a lot of cool day trip destinations in rural areas. Many of these smaller cities & towns have unique festivals and events that people from the front range can easily access and enjoy.

Cathy was raised in Northeastern Colorado just like her grandparents and parents – this is her home. This is a forgotten part of the state with so much to offer.  With Northeastern Colorado as her base she has expanded to cover all of rural Colorado and Wyoming and Nebraska.


Kortnie Chavez
Head Wrangler

Kortnie has been with us since nearly day one, when she perceived the great potential of Discover Rural and resided in Fort Morgan, Colorado.  As a Brush native working, volunteering, and living in Fort Morgan, Kortnie responded to Cathy's post on Facebook.  Now she is in Georgia by way of Cheyenne, Wyoming, and is still inputting all the community events onto the Discover website and keeping all of us on track.  Her real job is in human resources, and when not wrangling for us, she wrangles three children, a sweet English Bulldog named Lucy, and a husband (now.......that's the REAL work!).

Hollie Perry
Blogger / Storyteller

Hollie is our Blogger from the Loveland area with both sets of grandparents in Yuma.  She is the world traveler of the group and has quite a varied background.  Hollie has been an entertainer on cruise ships; worked in the entertainment business in LA; is a teacher;  worked in New York, and has done quite a bit of traveling.  But we like best the stories she gets from the people she travels to see in our area and how she finds that extra bit of information that makes her blogs unique.  And the bubbly personality WOW


Debra Falasco
Content Researcher

Debra comes to us from Milliken by way of New York and is married with one child.  Debra searches our events in Western Colorado and Wyoming and gets them posted on Facebook so they can then go on to our website.  Debra also does content writing for another company and is a published author.  In fact,  she just had her first author's book signing event in South Dakota.  Her books will be available through our gift shop on the website shortly. 

Faith Alt
Content Researcher

Faith comes to us from Yuma and is a crafter and manages the Farmhouse Market there.  She searches out events in Colorado east of the Front Range and all of Nebraska for us to post to our Facebook and website.  She has a  Bachelor's Degree in Soil and Crop Sciences with a concentration on Agronomic Production and Management, She also does handmade crafts such as wall decor, corn hole boards, and jewelry through my Facebook Page called Mina May Crafts.

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Robin Northrup
Executive Assistant

Robin is the jack of all trades of this group.  She keeps the owner on track, organized and focused.

She is also handling some marketing and sales.

Robin has a background in restaurant management, nonprofit executive and has been writing articles for the local paper.  (The Fort Morgan Times)





Fort Morgan, Colorado

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