Oh So Soft

Description :

Lotion bars may be applied on all areas of the skin. Massage into your feet before bed or rub into dry elbows. They can be used anywhere you need extra moisture.

Many liquid lotions have preservatives and harmful chemicals. Some even dry out your skin in order for you to apply more frequently. All natural means nothing else is added creating the best way to hydrate your skin.

Beeswax is waterproof so it seals in moisture. Apply after you shower when your skin is moist and soft. The waterproof quality means that it won’t wash off after one application. Your hands will stay hydrated after several washings.

Shea butter is the superhero for moisturizing skin. It melts right into your skin leaving it soft and supple. They are best stored away from direct sunlight. If they do melt, pop it in the freezer and it will regain shape.

Lotion bars are solid. That means you don’t have to pack it in a liquids bag for flying. Throw one in your bag or pocket for a more pleasant travel experience. The bars won’t leak or come off on clothing or sheets like liquid lotion.

Environmental footprint is much smaller. No wasted plastic bottle or pump. Tins can be repurposed to hold a variety of items such as paper clips or earrings.

Lotion bars make fantastic gifts. They are a fun and easy way to give a little something to a friend, coworker, or teacher. They are wonderful in the office as they do not take up a lot of space on a desk or in a purse.

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